Death by Swing Set (weatzie) wrote in sexlikeboys,
Death by Swing Set

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makes me swoon

all night long i wondered what it would be like.
the feeling i got from looking at you told me to
move closer. i thought about making a leap of
faith, but shyed away instead. then not realizing
what i was doing it happened. for some reason i
didn't fight it, and for some reason you were
suprised by it. all reasoning was lost at that
moment, and not caring what happens next i
realized... i went straight to sleep that i would
not forget. i slept better than i had in such a
long time. in the morning i didn't want to wake
because i realized... the best part of my night
was the goodnight kiss, and i didn't want to stop
dreaming of it.

sweetest thing i have ever gotten through friendster, how did i get so lucky
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